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Puppy Contract
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Dorothy Stinson
Date of Birth:_________________
Male:___________ Female:_________Age:______Wks:_____
This puppy is healthy to the best of my knowledge and ability. Your Veterinarian should examine this puppy (at your expense) within 48 hrs of purchase, failure to do so implies that you accept the puppy as is. If Vet. Finds a life threatening problem  you must inform us within 48 hours of purchase & return the puppy with a vets written statement as soon as possible. We will exchange the puppy if possible for another or refund your purchase price. Seller is not responsible for any Vet bills, the purchaser might occur regarding this puppy.
You will recieve an Application & Health Record the day of purchase. The Health Record will show that the puppy is up to date on shots & deworming. The puppy has been started on Eukanuba puppy food, if you chose to change to a different brand of food do so by mixing the new food with the Eukanuba, so it doesn't upset the digestive system. Always provide plenty of fresh water.
By both parties signing this contract will make it a valid & bending contract between the Seller & Buyer.
Breeder's Signiture:_____________________________
Purchaser's Signiture:___________________________

Something to be aware of is hypoglycemia, which affects very tiny puppies. It is low blood sugar. What happens is the puppy comes to its new home and likes to be carried around and the puppy doesn't eat and sleep like it should. You notice that the puppy did not eat but otherwise it seems to be happy and playful. Usually this is because the puppy's sugar is so low bye then they are to weak to eat. It is very important that the puppy must get undisturbed sleep for at least two hours at a time. You are going to hold it but you need to let it rest totally alone.
What happens is as soon as it wakes up you are going to want to hold it again and the puppy hasn't had time to eat yet. Make sure it eats first before you play with the puppy again.
You can use a teaspoon of honey or Kayro syrup in its water for the first two weeks or so until it passes the critical time. You can also use Nutri-Cal. It is a protein substance that you give the puppy to help keep its sugar up, so its sugar does not fluctuate. I use some canned food on top of the Eukanuba puppy food and make sure the puppy is eating at least three times a day. Make sure that food available at all times for a very small puppy. If necessary, you can put a little ham baby food on top of its regular food to be sure it eats it well. After a couple of weeks in your home it will not be so necessary to monitor your puppy as closely, but I diffiantly recommend this for the first two weeks.
Make sure your puppy is in a  warm place at all times ( you can use a heat lamp close by where the puppy plays or by its bed ) & that there is food & water at all times, you should have no problem with your puppy.

Dorothy Stinson
214 Stinson Rd.
Columbia, Ky 42728